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booktards's Journal

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book tards unite
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Thanks for being a part of one of the finest communities on the granfaloon known as Livejournal. Everyone should join and discuss the following things: books, authors, writers, poets and other things related to the literary arts.

As a community that has been around Livejournal since 2001, there have been some rules that have needed to be created along the way, mainly due to abuse. Listed below are the few rules we’re all asked to follow:

Any complaints and suggestions can be emailed to booktards @ gmail.com. This goes directly to my (wavesofblankets) inbox. If you have an issue with another member of the community, please discuss this with the involved member, or send an e-mail to the mods - do not create a post blasting the offending member and their actions. Such a post may be deleted.

I reserve the right to delete posts that are solely advertisement for other communities. In fact, as soon as your community-whoring is found, it will be deleted. Advertise your or your friends community in community_promo - NOT in this community. Booktards was built as large as it is by just being the community it is and never once x-posted promotion all over.

I can’t say it any simpler than this: when you mention what happens in that great / shitty book you just read you may be spoiling someone else's fun. So please keep spoilers behind a LJ-cut.

Any "i'm selling some of my books - here's the list" ads need to go behind a LJ cut. If a post is made with a un-cut list of books for sale, the post will be deleted ASAP.

If someone posts a quiz result, and you want to show everyone your result as well - please reply as a comment under the first post. Please refrain making an new post.

Both disabling comments and creating what is known as a ‘fake LJ-cut’ – linking to your journal or community, misleading other members into visiting your journal is not allowed.

If you are an author, you are more than welcome to discuss your book with the community. But do not make your post as a advertisement. This is not a place to advertise your work but a place to discuss books. If your post is blatantly an advertisement for your work, I get to use my beloved 'delete entry' button.

Any large images (max 500 x 500) or very long lists must be kept behind a LJ-cut.

Thank you for your cooperation
- wavesofblankets (founder, once know as Zagg)

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